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Discussion in 'App Announcements' started by Nobu_Games, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Nobu_Games

    Nobu_Games New Member

    Nov 23, 2012
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    Hey folks,

    about a week ago I posted an app announcement for "HyperNotes". Its free ad-supported "brother" is out now and can be downloaded from Google Play.

    HyperNotes Free
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    • Text content recognition
    • Write in one place and create:
    • Calendar entries
    • To-dos and to-do lists (with optional reminder alarms)
    • Contacts
    • Photo diary entries
    • Regular notes
    • Shopping list creation with your barcode scanner
    • Search your notes

    Text content recognition
    Write sentences like "Meet Karen next Tuesday 2pm" and HyperNotes will automatically propose the creation of a calendar entry based on that.

    "Buy milk" would turn into a to-do.

    "Steve 616-555-1234" will be recognized as a contacts list update action.

    Photo diary feature
    Take pictures and write comments. Photo diary entries are automatically tagged with your current location and weather.

    Download it from Google Play and give it a shot.

    Thanks for reading!