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    Hi. I'd like to present my first product at google play. I thought u like a tamagochi-featured-like live wallpaper. Here it is :)

    Panda Pet Live Wallpaper

    This is virtual pet live wallpaper with Tamagotchi concept which you have to take care of your panda pet. You need to give him food, play with him, and keep him healthy by bathing him. This live wallpaper come with happiness, energy, and health indicator to help you keep track on your pet's condition.
    This cute little panda called Panko. He will sleep, play, roll and do a lot of cute animation on your home screen. Touch him to wake him up and play with him. Try to caress him to make him happy. Touch at an empty area to pet him by dropping his favorite food. Bathe him to keep him healthy.
    This live wallpaper come with 4 different interactive season themes (summer, autumn, winter, spring). Featuring many other bugs and animal representing each seasons like bees for summer, butterflies for spring, dragonflies for autumn and snow rabbits for winter and they are responding to touch event too.
    Special themes will be added in special occasions. We have updated this live wallpaper with Easter themed!
    Now you can take a screenshot of your beloved pet by tapping on camera icon. You can show and hide this camera icon in live wallpaper setting. Your screenshot will be saved on PandaLiveWallpaper folder.
    This is why we need EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

    - When Happiness Indicator is low, Panko will show sad animation. Caress him (by swiping on screen) to make him happy again.
    - When Energy Indicator is low, that mean Panko is hungry. Give him food by tapping on empty area on screen. Feeding will also increase his happiness level.
    - When Health indicator is low, he will get sick. Give him medical treatment by tap on injection button and then tap on Panko. To keep him healthy, bathe him regularly by tap on shampoo button and then swipe on Panko.

    ★ Original art work
    ★ Various cute panda animation
    ★ Summer theme (with cloud animation, bee animation, and flying dandelion effect)
    ★ Portrait and Landscape orientation support
    ★ Tablet support
    ★ Small memory usage
    ★ Small battery usage
    ★ MoveToSD support

    To open and setting up your live wallpaper: Home-> Press menu-> wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers.

    Buy the full version to unlock Panko's true potential:
    ★ Feeding mode, tap anywhere on the screen to give Panko a bamboo
    ★ Caress animation by swipe on Panko to make him happy
    ★ Bath animation by activate shampoo button and swipe on Panko
    ★ Happiness, Energy, and Health Indicator
    ★ Interactive spring theme (with cherry blossom falling effect)
    ★ Interactive fall theme (with falling leaves effect)
    ★ Interactive winter theme (with snow fall effect)
    ★ Interactive Easter special theme
    ★ Future update for special themes
    ★ Screenshot feature
    ★ More Animation
    ★ Remove advertising animation

    Some Screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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