[Free]New type of Flood Game?

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    I Love flood puzzle game, here is the new type of flood game: Added Time Attack Mode. I cannot complete even one stage OMG:rolleyes:

    Here is the link Magic Flood, It offers both free and paid version

    Very cute, fancy design and addictive puzzle game!

    Challenge time attack mode with flood puzzle game :)


    Dispel slime's curse in Magic Forest. Be a magician to save the slimes by getting back them to smile again
    Simple but addictive, Easy to play but you will be challenged as goes up higher levels!
    Try this mind bugging color puzzle game "Magic Flood"
    The goal of the game is to flood the board filled with single Slime's color. Start with the top left conner and expand area of same - Slime's color by choosing among the different colored Magic Pot!
    Each level has individually calculated steps to achieve. You have to flood this magical ground in 22steps!
    Featured of Magic Flood
    * 6 different Colors of Slimes
    * 3 different board size
    * 2 kind mode: Classic and Time Attack
    * Ranking bord in each mode
    * Fantastic and fancy graphics
    * Addictive, very brained