[FREE] Monster Warz: ULTIMATE - Massive Real Time Battle!

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    Hi all!

    We’re happy to announce the release of our new game, Monster Warz: ULTIMATE on google play for FREE.


    Monster Warz: ULTIMATE is a strategy network game for increasing colonies by defeating other players and reinforcing player’s own castle. http://goo.gl/JCFRo

    Key features are as below

    * Real time Online Monster Battle with multiple players throughout the world.
    * A great variety of monsters are key factor for a battle.
    * Grab the monsters from explores, research and market.
    * Select your side among 3 tribes having relative dominance.
    * Reinforce your strength by allying with other players
    * Make your colonies and collect taxes from them.
    * Distinguish the strongest tribe in Armageddon, thousands of players join
    * After Armageddon, Boss Monster comes. Another major battle, RAID SYSTEM
    * Diverse hero cards with fantastic illustrations used for fights and research

    It is FREE now.

    In addition, Monster Warz: ULTIMATE includes 200 crystals to help you and additional 100 crystals will be sent to all users as celebrating an initial release.
    (You can get total 300 crystals - worth more than $2.99)

    Why don't you grab it, now :-D

    I hope you guys like MWU and join the ULTIMATE war!
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