free INFRASTRUCTURE wifi-tether :)

Discussion in 'Droid X Hacks' started by hazierneglect, Dec 2, 2010.

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    hey there!
    im a little... crazy (hey its almost 5 am...)
    anyways, i just found this:
    [Q] Droid X Wifi tether - Access Point - Page 3 - xda-developers
    and im surprised no one found it/posted it here yet!
    anyways, to use that darn '3G Mobile Hotspot' app FOR FREE this is all ya gotta do (I dont know if its moral/ethical to post what other people have already done... so you should really go to the link, i guess?):

    1. download (from market) EasySwitch. I got the trial.. (what can i say, im a cheap guy.)
    2. add a 1x1 widget of this to your homescreen and put it to RADIO (so if you click it, it turns off your radio (which i thought was like FM, but i guess its service..ness)
    3. open 3g mobile hotspot and click turn on or whatever (the check box!)
    4. Immediately after go back to your homescreen and click your new widget (I left it on (well radio off) for like 15 seconds, but i think thats more than enough time)
    5. turn radio back on, by turning the widget off (im not good at directions... sorry!)
    6. Connect laptop/phone/nook color to your new wifi.
    PaRtAy? dancedroid
    haha thanks guys

    PS> i dint have a password on my wifi... but i dont think thatll matter. Tell me if it works for you!
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