FREE HBO With Your AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan

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    AT&T is giving you yet another reason to upgrade your package to the Unlimited Plus plan. They had already been giving a $25 credit to go towards DirecTV or Uverse Tv, but now they are sweetening the deal even more. The plan will now include free access to HBO even if you are not subscribed to their TV packages.

    The Unlimited data plan includes unlimited data, talk, and text with 10GB of mobile hotspot data. With the unlimited data plan you get 22GB of guaranteed unthrottled speed. The plan will set you back $90 for one line or $145 for two lines. Additional lines cost just $20 per month extra. With popular series like Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones seeing their season premiers just around the corner this may be the perfect time to upgrade to unlimited if you are on AT&T.

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