[FREE/GAME] The Golden Age of Piracy

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    "The Golden Age of Piracy" - physics-based time-killer arcade about sea battles of pirates in which you need to defeat the enemy using your accuracy and logic. Different types of shells have their own characteristics, such as buckshot is better to use against the crew, and the bombs are good against cannons. Weather conditions and obstacles also affect the gameplay, which greatly complicates your task. Immerse yourself into the atmosphere pirate battle. Weigh anchor!

    - 12 different levels.
    - 4 legendary empires of sailing.
    - 7 types of ships.
    - 3 types of shells.
    - many achievements.
    - variable weather conditions affect the gameplay.
    - magnificent scenery.
    - delightful atmospheric music.

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    Google Play full version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.eyeballgames.zetum
    Google Play free demo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.eyeballgames.zetumdemo

    Gameplay video:
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    Few things:
    1. Graphics don't look bad - what devices will run it?
    2. You might want to make a new video, can't see it being too good for the game when the programer loses in 1st gameplay video.
    3. so can you travel the 7 seas you scallywag? or once you beat 1 pirate you get attacked by another ship and then by another?
    4. upgradeable ships? weapons? crew members?
    5. able to move closer or farther away?
    6. multiplayer? face other players ships?
    7. Wind/snow/atmosphere changes?

    I could prolly go on for a while but nice little teaser of it.
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