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    Show your trivia skills to everyone! Answer questions submitted by other users and ask your own! Complete challenges for extra rewards and progress on the leaderboards.


    Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ee.quiz

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/quizeeapp



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    ► Free
    No ads and free to play for everyone.

    ► Question submission
    Add new questions to share your knowledge with other users.

    ► Question progression
    High quality questions can be marked as good and this progresses the scores of both the question and the user who submitted it.

    ► Advanced question selection algorithm
    While answering questions, the questions are selected based on the quality, difficulty and other factors to pick for you the best questions.

    ► Challenges
    Test your knowledge and earn rewards by completing trivia challenges.

    ► Tickets
    Gain 50:50 and other tickets by completing challenges. Use tickets to overcome increasingly difficult challenges.

    ► Scoreboard
    Do you want to be the best player in last 24h? Or do you want to invest by submitting some neat questions and later become one of the top askers? It is up to you!

    ► Cross-platform
    Want to play on your iPad? Or want to submit questions using your keyboard? Just go tohttp://quiz.ee/*and enjoy.


    Upcoming features:

    ► Multiplayer
    Play with other users in real-time and enjoy either competitive or co-operative mode.

    ► Multi-language support
    Answer and submit questions in the language of your choice.

    ► (your feature idea goes here)
    Have a nice feature in mind? Let us know and you might get this feature with an update in few months. Your feedback is most welcome.