[FREE GAME] Our Debut Title - Total Parking is live !!!

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    Hello all, our first game - Total Parking is now live on Google store.

    What makes Total Parking unique you ask?

    Well, unlike most parking games, Total Parking uses real-world Ackermann steering geometry for turning, and is incredibly physics accurate- down to vehicle collision, mass, drag and inertia. The end result is a realistic parking experience.

    With four Vehicles - Coupe, Limo, Heavy Truck, and Pickup Truck, spread over 48 levels of increasing complexity, Total Parking will test your parking skills.

    Other Features:
    * Tilt and Touch controls for turning
    * 3D HUD and smooth user interface
    * An Immersive 3D environment
    * Snappy Loading after the initial boot up of the game
    * Integrated tutorial
    * Achievements

    Check out our game and bless us with ratings and reviews. We are confident that you if you play our game once you will like it.
    Thanks for your time and caring to read until this point.

    Google play link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teapotgames.totalparking

    - Satish Chandra
    Code Maker, TeaPOT Games.