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    A polite and cute management game suited for all audiences

    If you like to play arcade and your favorite game genre is economic strategy then you’ll like our new game Faitytale for sure. It's a simulator of virtual farm which will help you to create your own ville and populate it with fairytale characters. Every sim in Fairytale is extraordinary and attractive and they will beautify you magic kingdom and make it more colourful.

    It’s an interesting casual game with wonderfull graphics and amusing animations. Princesses and dragons, dwarves and witches - that's what separates this game from the usual farm! Wonderful decorations, your favorite childhood characters and amazing ancient tower, all this will help you to plunge into mysterious and fascinating world, to feel yourself like a kid and to have fun.
    Use magic and fantasy, turn your friends into into frogs or pieces of wood, using spells.

    - With no energy you can play with no limits!
    - Create your own magic world with your friends
    - Found your kingdom and populate it with mysterious creatures
    - Control the level of Fairytaleness in your kingdom
    - Expand your territory
    - Complete interesting quests
    - Increase your experience and make your Fairytale more beautiful
    - Invite new fairytale characters

    - Interesting gameplay
    - Colorful graphics and amusing animations
    - Huge selection of characters and decorations
    - Wonderful music
    - Employees work on updates, even while you rest
    - Free to play
    - No advertisements

    Create your own story, create your fairy world with your friends!
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    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.arigama.fairytale&feature=search_result&hl=en
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