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    One of my personal favorite memes happens to be the DOGE meme. DOGE memes consist of random pictures of a particular Shiba Inu dog. The pictures were posted by a Japanese kindergarten teacher who wanted to show off his new rescue dog. The infamous image that has become so popular is one of the Shiba looking sideways at the camera with the eyebrows raised. This one picture has been endlessly photoshopped changing expression on the dog's face, and adding "the mind of doge" monologues in comic sans font.


    If you just can't get enough of this meme the new Doge Breeding game may be right up your ally. The goal of the game is super simple, just get the highest score. Breed as many doges as you can by touching the screen, you can buy power ups with your points to breed multiple doges each time you touch the screen. While incredibly remedial this game can quickly become addictive. Future updates to this game will make it a bit more compelling and will include challenges, achievements, and overall improvement. Head to the link below to install this game.

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