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    “Play Math” is a new free educational mathematical game to play for fun or to exercise yourself or your kids at some mathematical operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Exponents with positive and negative integer numbers.

    You can train your brain and exercise your skills by playing “Play Math”.

    Compete yourself with players from all over the world with a worldwide leaderboard ! As soon as you answer right to the questions and you log in with your Google+ account, you get a score which is added to your personal total score. This personal score is then listed at a worldwide leaderboard where you can compare your score with other player’s score.
    You have to play more and try more to be the first at the list !

    Install the game from play.google:

    You can also install this app to other phones, tablets etc you own and continue to play the game with the same score you had !
    Have fun !
    This app has 0ptimized graphics for 7'' and 10'' tablets too !
    splashplaymath.png Screenshot_2013-09-26-20-04-38.png Screenshot_2013-10-05-12-00-40.png Screenshot_2013-09-26-20-04-52.png Screenshot_2013-10-05-12-01-12_b.png
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