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    I want show to you my application for learning vocabulary Voc4u.


    Voc4u you can use like Widget whitch is more commonly in tablet, but you can use also in your smarphone ;-)

    On start you must choice which language you are native and which language you want learn! You can choise between English, Germany, France, Italian, Portugal, Spanish, Poland and Czech
    (this choice is only once so you should be carrefuly with the mistake... you can reset this setting on dictionary screen.)

    At the beginning in train mode, you start with a blue line on the top containing a word. This word is displayed one time in your native language and one time in the language you are learning. To show the next word, you must use the buttons "know" and "don't know" which are located on the bottom of the screen.

    Your task is you must decide if you can translate into the language you are learning. If you not sure of the translation you should use the button "don't know." Vocabulary Voc4u will remember that you do not know this word and will ask you again soon so you can practice it more. If you are sure about the translation, you should use the "know" button. This word will be marked as "know" word. This means it will get less priority than the "don't know" words and you can focus more on the words you do not know.

    The voc4u has three options.
    #1: Train is the main option. There you can improve your memory of vocabulary, for example while you are using public transport.
    #2: Speaker mode is about vocabulary to speech. You have to be able to listen to it so this may be good before you go to sleep.
    #3: The third mode is for practicing pronunciation. The phone listens to you and compares your pronunciation with the regular word.
    (the number above buttons signalize how many words you have in database and how many word you already market as you know)

    I will be to much glad for you experince, ideas or critics of my app. Thank you.
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