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    If you open your favorite root app and it tells you that you don't have root permissions, and then you sware to it that you do because you just rooted this phone the other day don't feel too embarrassed. We have all had this problem at one time or another. You are so used to having root on your device that you are surprised when it is gone after an ota update. You sometimes get a no root message when infact you have root but lack busybox. Either way if you ever get the "no root permissions" message its always a good idea to double check before diving into rerooting.

    Simple Root checker determines whether or not your device is truely rooted. There is another "rootchecker" app on the play store that is very popular, but i have had it show my device as rooted when it was indeed not rooted. Simple root checker aims to be more acurate than any other root checking app. Simple root checker will determine, by using specific controls, root status, superuser app, proper installation of busybox, and your current version. The app includes a modern, intuitive, and efficient graphical interface to make using it pretty enjoyable. Grab this free app from the source link below.

    Via Rootzwiki
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    I have had root access on every device, and on several instances, one version of root checker states I have root, while another states I don't, yet Titanium Backup works regardless of what either version of root checker states.
    I have also seen several instances of BusyBox fail due to having root, and even deleting the app, its intents and receivers, then reloading a fresh distro, gives identical results, then magically, on reboot, it works.
    Even after sifting through all the files, receivers as well as app managers, nothing was viewed as abnormal, and when opened, they operate as they should, then fail at some idd moment in time, or the app stops working (ANR) for no logical reason, over and over.

    I wish I knew what causes these failures, as they do not appear to be related to actual root, or the process, but some benign process that obfuscates the results, and points the app in a different 'direction' I assume.

    I have had BusyBox Installer fail, then begin functioning, as well as Titanium Backup.
    I access files all the time in terminal windows, and check specific files for unwanted files and fragments that were once linked to apps no longer needed and were long since deleted, like many preloaded games like NFSSHIFT and that stupid Madden football app I always delete, completely!
    I am anxiously awaiting my birthday so I can get the Moto-G my wife is getting me, and I for her, on her day, just a month later!
    I am saddened that Circle-M has no unlock available for this model as of yet, but soon, I hope.
    I will, of course, be modifying the splash screen to use my business logo instead of the familiar VZW logo.
    I also do the abnormal method of making certain my phone can be identified as mine, by digging into the build.prop files and modifying the data you see on the 'about phone' menu.
    If I lose mine to theft, it's pretty hard to prove it's not mine, when my name and business initials show up on the phone, proving my claim of ownership.
    I know there may be only a few in my area with the ability to alter this information, so I feel confident I have nothing to fear.

    I am always digging into the phone to figure out what causes root loss when there was never an OTA update acted on.
    Something has to give here.....Either I have definite root, or I don't.

    *Dismantling soap box now*
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