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    I feel so old! I remember the conversion from tapes to CD's. Then it was hard to see what the next progression would be after CD's. When the MP3 first came out it wasn't all that prevalent as there really wasn't a decent way to listen to MP3s in the car and if you wanted an MP3 you would still need to buy a CD to rip the MP3 from it so you could load it up on your MP3 player. Shortly after the MP3 came around Napster hit the web and revolutionized the way we acquired our music. All these file sharing services pushed the music industry to compete with their own MP3 services. From this came the birth of the MP3 CD player, the ipod, and cheap portable MP3 players. Just a few short years later MP3s are dead and streaming services are king! Services like Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora make accessing the music you want easier than ever!

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    The free app "MusicTube" seeks to make your music listening experience even easier. MusicTube is easy to use and full of features including single videos or playlists, over 20 genres, over 200 artists, supports repeat and shuffle, supports high quality and medium quality videos, favorites, supports widget and notification controls when playing in the background, support for online or offline playing, watch video fast without buffer, watch on TV with HDMI out, watch over 3G and 4G, plus many other features. Head to the Play link for the download.

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