FREE [APP] Mumble Basic For SMS, Smart Vibrations

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    Can't hear your phone when it rings, or maybe its not appropriate to have your phone ringing loudly in your workplace. My phone is normally set to vibrate. Sometimes I can feel it other times I miss notifications completely. Mumble is the first and only intelligent notification app for text messages. With mumble you can customize when and how your phone vibrates upon receiving text messages. This app will help you to have a sense of the emotion, content, length, and importance of incoming text messages before you remove the phone from your pocket. Mumble features include smart and dynamic vibration notifications based on each text message you receive, Ignore annoying messages such as single word responses and typo fixing, highly customizable, very light weight (won't kill your battery or slow down your device), highly compatible (works with most sms apps), support coming for other apps like facebook/kik/whatsapp and more. More info and app download at the play link below.

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