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    Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microheroes.adviceads

    MicroMadHouse has released one of the most entertaining and original apps on the Android Market! Obtain enlightenment and worldly advice from some of the most inspiring people in history in this magnificent and funky magic 8 ball style app!

    Choose your advisor, ask for advice and shake the screen, and you will receive one of 15 possible responses from either Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Confucius, Shakespeare or Gandhi!

    Furthermore, watch Advice TV, a feature on YouTube where the characters give advice to celebrities, politicians and other knowledge seekers in this entertaining and often comical feature.

    The magic 8 ball releases with an free advert version and a commercial ad-free version.

    MicroHeroes magic 8 ball is part of the growing series of inspiring, entertaining and educational apps now on the Android!
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