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    Sitting around the fireplace with family, drinking egg nog, watching It's a wonderful life, it doesn't get much better than this! However if you do somehow get bored in the midst of all the Holiday cheerfulness Developer "ledflashlightx" has released an exciting new game "Fight With Me". This game becomes addictive pretty quickly and can be the perfect game to pass the time on that crazy long trip to Grandma's house. In this game you will interact directly with the boxer in front of you "Punch Out" style. In Fight With Me you will touch the screen where you want to punch the boxer. This is a pretty simple game and is really easy to play. It is only in its first version and will only get better with updates. You can choose Easy, Medium, and Hard fights. The boxer in front of you will unleash a dynamic attack which will keep you on your toes. This game was released just a few days ago and has already eclipsed 1,000 downloads!

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    More info on this app here!
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