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    Do you bore easily? If so you probably get tired of looking at the same wallpaper day in and day out. You probably make a habit of swapping between stock papers, or maybe you scour the web for a wallpaper that fits you. If you get tired at looking at the same wallpaper all of the time 500 firepaper is an app that you should consider. From the creator of some of the most popular root apps like SuperSU, Mobile Odin, Triangle Away and others comes the 500 firepaper app. developer "Chainfire" has released his app which displays a live wallpaper and a "daydream" showing you the latest images from 500px throughout the day. You get high quality photos from around the world all day long! Never be bored with your wallpaper again.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The feature and categories displayed are easily configurable. You can also configure the refresh rate and the brightness of the photos. This app does take lots of memory since it is constantly grabbing high quality images. It is recommended that this be used with higher end devices.

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