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    Title: Russian Dolls
    Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
    Screen size: All
    Developer: Driver-Inter (St.Petersburg, Russia)
    Year: 2012
    UI languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French
    Price: Free
    Available in Google Play: Download from Google Play
    Genre: Puzzle
    Current version: 1.4

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    Build your Russian Doll
    Everyone know the fine, multi-colored wooden doll, which can be disassembled into two parts and hiding in themselves one more doll, the same shape, but smaller size. For years of history nested Russian Doll became not only a favorite toy, but also a certain cultural symbol of Russia. The image of pretty country girl in a traditional headscarf usually painted in the fairy tale style. Semenovsky, Merinovsky, Polhovsky, Vyatsky, Zagorsky – popularity of a toy generated new paint styles, and became well known in a whole world, not only Russia. One historical version says that first Russian Doll was created with inspiration from funny Japanese toy in a form of nested wise man Fukurum. It is possible to find Russian Dolls with image of politicians and even with fantastic characters, but traditional Russian toy is a female character, hand painted with love and respect to ancient traditions.
    If you are happy owner of Android smartphone or tablet, you can feel yourself in childhood again and play with beautiful Dolls in your device. We are waling away a little bit from traditional Doll forms – in the game there is three main doll parts: the big bottom, the big head, and small entire doll, which can be placed into bottom part and covered by big head part. Following to historical motives, we are added special Asian doll style with some magic abilities (you reveal it inside the game).
    On a game field there is a set of multi-colored parts of Russian Dolls which can be put one in another. You receive points for each collected nested doll. The maximum quantity of points drops out for a collected one-color nested doll of three parts. From time to time there are some magic elements appeared, helping to collect a doll much quicker – fantastic Petrushka, a magic brush, a powder keg and a head with a crown. Having earned a certain quantity of points, the game field "falls off", and on regiments there are new parts of nested dolls. At each following "updating" the scaling factor increases, allowing to earn more points. If you shake the device, one of nested dolls (casual) will fall. Collected nested dolls depart up to special buffet, and new game elements appear either at the left or on the right – a device inclination controls the process of addition. In the left lower part of the game screen appears a special button – a randomizator, having pressed on which it is possible to mix game elements in a random way. In game there are two modes: to collect as much as possible points in a definite time and to earn the set quantity of points without hurrying up. In the first mode you can train the dexterity and attention. A game essence – to break an own record. In the second mode with passing of each stage in game appear more and more magic elements. Here the task – to "open" all magic elements: wings, an Asian nested doll, a head with a crown, a powder keg, a brush and Petrushka.
    Russian Dolls will help to do something during long journey in transport, create a small break from routine office work, and game tightens children for long time. Collect nested dolls with pleasure.

    Game features:

    - Two game modes in a single player game
    - Six magic game elements
    - 3D graphics
    - Support device shake and inclination
    - Original paint design, implemented in a classic Russian style
    - Original soundtrack, performed in a amateur style
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