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    In commemoration of my first Android app, The Off Button, I am hosting a contest for a free $25 Google Play gift certificate.

    The Off Button is the ultimate prank app. It let's you turn off any TV with your HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4. To enter the contest, simply submit your best video of the app in action! Use your imagination, the crazier the better!

    I would also suggest you consider using the code saving capabilities to turn off TV's quicker or to handle a whole wall of TV's. This could make for a sweet reaction video ;)


    1. Submit a link to your video here or PM it to me to be considered for the prize. I'd recommend placing it here for visibility.
    2. The video must either mention the app itself and/or provide a link to the app in the comments.
    3. The contest ends in 2 weeks so be sure to get your submissions in by Saturday, August 10. The winner will be notified shortly after the contest ends.
    4. Don't be stupid. You are liable for your own actions so don't get yourself beat up by getting caught turning off every TV in Buffalo Wild Wings during a sports game (although that could be a compelling video...).

    Good luck, and may the best video win!
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