Freaky Launcher A Fast and Light Home Screen Replacement

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    Over the years OEM Android skins have gotten lighter and lighter, but even the lightest version of touchwiz ever takes up a good 8GB of space. It is also still pretty well bloated with other features. If you want to clean up your device you can replace your phone's stock launcher with a custom launcher. Yesterday we took a look at the updated version of the Nova Launcher. If you want an even lighter and possibly faster experience you will want to check out "Freaky Launcher".

    This is a brand new launcher by developer "ARGHA_DAS". The launcher is still in the alpha stage which means that there may be a bug here and there. This should be stable enough to use as a daily driver. Features of the launcher include Simple app drawer, App drawer color picker, drawer text color picker, and grid=4. This is a basic no frills launcher that should help to improve your overall experience. Grab the launcher from the link below.

    via XDA
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