Formatted SD Card - Now I can't use it???

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Eris' started by misscrf, May 21, 2010.

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    I got the new OS upgrade to 2.1 . Before it would install the upgrade it said I didn't have enough space to do it. I had to start deleting things to make it fit. What I didn't get is that the phone came with an 8 gb card!!! After the upgrade I was trying to do stuff and I will still being told I didn't have space.

    I went to settings and it said I had a 7.4 gb available space on an sd card and 7.39 free. When I go to download ringtones with the ringtone app the minute I open it, it says it can't create a folder on the sd card. Then each ringtone I try to download fails.:icon_eek:

    I formatted the card, and lost all pics and ringtones. Not a big deal to me because I upload all my pics to fb, and I can always re-get the ringtones.

    Can soemone please help me on how to get my phone to use the card that it comes with??? I want to be able to use that space.

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