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    I didn't see this topic anywhere here so here goes ...

    I'm having trouble with my Ford Taurus and the SYNC program. As you might expect, Ford is useless. I sync the phone and it's fine. The next day, SYNC says "no phone found" and asks if I'd like to pair it up although the phone, under Bluetooth Settings, says it's paired with SYNC. This has occured 4 times over the last 5 days. My phone has Firmware ver 2.2.1, Build # SCH-I500.ED01, Model #Sch-1500. One thing.... I noticed that there is a setting under Bluetooth Settings that says "Visible", Make device visible. When I push it it says it is visible for 120 seconds. Is this anything?

    I'm trying to determine if this is a SYNC problem or a Fascinate problem. I am being lead to think it's a Fascinate problem but am not sure. Anyone else out there having problems holding BT pairings?

    Hope I've been clear. I'm stumped..... any ideas? Thanks!
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