For those that can't get a 3g connection

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    So I was not able to get any connection via 3g. 1x and 4g worked perfectly fine. After several calls to a Verizon rep and going down to the Verizon store they told me to wait for the update which was coming in November or get a replacement device. The Verizon rep at the store told me to download one of the leaked updates and install it which I did and it still didn't fix my problem. So I finally gave up and called Verizon and got them to send me a replacement device. I'm sitting in class today and I download this app called Any Cut and create an APN shortcut and place it on my homescreen. I clicked the shortcut then clicked the menu and clicked reset to default then I changed it from Verizon Internet to another one then back to Verizon internet and my 3g magically came back on. Long story short Verizon reps blow and I fixed it myself. I hope this helps anyone else that was having the same problem as me.
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