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Discussion in 'Bugless' started by Shelooga, May 19, 2010.

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    ok so im running bb, ive got the black ice theme, and have for about 2 weeks now. as of yesterday, i noticed my font is skewed. my clock is about 1mm higher than usual (dont care) but when i pull down my notification bar, there are no words even if i have a message, just icons. same with trying to power off, the top part is cut off and i only see silent. airplane, power off.
    again, i have a new theme, and also changed the font, but this was done a while ago and the problem just started yesterday.
    any ideas?
    also, anyone know of some good themes for bb? im not good enough to change the little things i want (like a clear notification bar and its 'verizon wireless') so i keep playing around with it.

    just noticed coming from the lock screen that the PM is cut half off... argh