Foloow every step! It still screwes up sometimes. LOL

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    I followed every step to root the 2.1 ese81. It worked beautifully! Had root...SetCPU profiles worked again. SU access in terminal emulator.

    Got greedy...went to install Adamz OC Kernel and accidentally chose his rom instead. Caught myself on the first screen when it asks if you want to install...I chose NO! And all heck broke loose. Got my very first experience with the boot loop.

    Just restored a good backup I made in between rooting 2.1 and fubarring the OC install with the rom. It booted. Just checked...I still have root access! Yeah.

    To all newbie rooters! Follow every stinkin step. Be very careful with spaces. I used to type things faster than my brain processed what I read and always missed the spaces in the directions. If you follow the steps it usually works. And the most important step is to do a backup before...BEFORE you make changes!

    Off to install a kernel now. Don't know why I felt a need to post this. I had to do something while it was booting.