[Follow-Up] OnLive Service Officially Coming to US and Europe in Autumn 2011

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    A few days ago, we shared a story about the possible future of gaming, cloud based gaming service called OnLive, with its own dedicated universal wireless controller. OnLive just shared their official press release, and it will be available in the United States and Europe, in the Autumn of this year. Furthermore, the folks over at BGR were able to demo the service on an HTC Flyer, a Motorola Xoom, and an Apple iPad, and came away mightily impressed. Here's a quote from their story, followed by the official press release.
    This stuff has the potential to be a truly "disruptive" technology. The primary upsides to define a technology as disruptive are already starting to fall into place for this service. One is that in the future, most people will probably have a tablet of some kind anyway, and with this service, you will never need to buy a gaming console again, since your tablet becomes your console. That covers the price and convenience aspect of a "disruptive" tech. Two, the ease of networking with your friends for multiplayer gaming creates a social aspect to it that typically drives consumers in that direction. That covers the marketing aspect of it. This is definitely something to keep your eyes on. Here's the Press Release:
    Source: Android.net via BGR
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    I've tried this on demo on my computer, and while it's a really cool concept, and delivers very good performance over my 25mbps fios connection it has one really big problem and a couple minor ones.

    The biggie: There is control lag. It's not terrible, but it's definitely noticeable, as is to be expected on a system where your inputs are sent out over the net and back again before you see a response. This would be fine for certain kinds of games, an RTS or MMORPG won't suffer too badly from a little control delay, but in an FPS it's horrible. You feel like your mouse is connected to your character with rubber bands.

    Minor things:
    -There isn't a great selection of games yet, though I imagine this will improve over time.
    -If you planned to use this as a substitute for PC or console gaming the video quality leaves something to be desired since you're only seeing a streaming video version of what you would see if you were rendering locally. Essentially it's the difference between watching someone play a game on your computer/console, and watching the same (with very good quality) on youtube.

    All in all, it's still probably better than anything else on the market for tablet gaming, but it won't be replacing pc or console gaming anytime soon, if ever.