[Follow-Up] Nexus 5 Won't Include MEMS Camera Tech, but Oppo Devices Will

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Oct 9, 2013.

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    It appears that someone mixed up their intel in the past. Not too long ago we shared a rumor that the Nexus 5 might be coming with MEMS advanced camera technology from Digital Optics. The source was solid, and some of the intel was true, but the device to get the new tech was wrong. As it turns out, this technology will be coming to smartphones in the future, but it won't be in the Nexus 5. According to a statement directly from Digital Optics, they will be working exclusively with Oppo to bring their MEMS camera tech to Oppo smartphones first. Here's the full presser,

    It's a shame this awesome new camera-phone tech advancement won't be coming to the Nexus 5; however, now that we see it officially coming to market, at least we can hold out hope for it to be adopted in future devices for many companies beyond just Oppo.
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    Two quick thoughts...first, I vaguely remember that we rarely see Oppo products in the US, that instead they tend to stay in Asia, and second, that "we don't want Chinese phones because they'll SPY ON US." OK, I personally think that second point is somewhat silly but I think I've read it here once or twice. Anybody care to comment?

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    Well, I'm considering a Chinese product as second option if the Nexus 5 is not that good (Xiaomi Mi3)
    Regardless of the spying, it's a game of pick your poison, spied by the NSA or China. But since I'm going to wipe the phone and install a ROM, it might not be a problem.
    Also people forget that almost all devices are made in China.

    On the topic of the camera, personally I don't care, since I don't take a lot of pictures with my phone, but it's a good thing that technology is moving forward. I just wish we were making the same progress in battery technology.
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