Folders in Droid's Internal Storage

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    Jun 21, 2010
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    I have very low internal storage space, and I'm trying to discover the culprit. It's not:
    -email on phone
    -too many apps
    -application cache

    I'm trying to browse through the different folders on the phone to figure out what is taking space. But what is in the different folders? According to Astro,
    -acct ~1.5MB
    -mnt~lots (SD card, duh)
    -proc~443MB (what is this? Sooo big!)
    -sdcard (same as mnt, duh)
    -sys~70MB (is this my installation?)
    -system~440MB (no, i guess this is my installation)

    Anyone know what is actually in these folders? Any devs out there? What the hell is proc? It is filled with tons and tons of numbered folders.

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