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    Hi Everyone,
    I've been developing this app for a little while now and just got it to the point where I think I'm ready for some new people to play around with it and give me some feedback. Without further ado, here's the info on Fleeting Heroics!

    Fleeting Heroics
    GooglePlay Link

    Fleeting Heroics is a gamefied fitness app created to transform a standard daily walk or run into an engaging adventure. Taking elements from Zombies, Run! and Progress Quest, Fleeting Heroics gives the user a sense of making concrete gains while passively interacting with a fantasy world.

    The main form of interaction with Fleeting Heroics is Quests. Each of your seven upgradeable town buildings will provide you a randomly generated quest. After choosing a quest and a playlist, just push start and the adventure begins. Along the way you will steal items from unsuspecting creatures who will then give chase. Their speed is determined by a combination of the difficulty selection and your current speed. If you keep ahead of the beast long enough, you will have successfully stolen the item and acquired it's value in gold.

    At the end of your walk or run an you will receive an amount of experience based on your pace and the value of what you've stolen, plus any bonuses for completing a quest.

    If you don't have time to work in a walk or run you can utilize Fleeing Heroics in a Pedometer mode that will utilize the accelerometer to track your steps and give you gold and experience.


    Android 2.0 and up
    Precise Location (GPS)
    TTS (app will prompt for installation if not available)

    (I've only tested on my Samsung Galaxy S2, so I'm not sure of any deficiencies the app may have on other devices, there's also a pure Accelerometer mode, but I haven't tested it on a treadmill, theoretically it should work)

    Developer Tumblr: Fleeting Heroics