Flat Isn’t Just A Word Its A Graphical Masterpiece

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    Up until recently we had been reviewing Theme Chooser themes exclusively for Theme Of The Week. I decided a few weeks ago, that with phones like the Moto X, LG G2 and the Note 3 being released, that these phones may not have the development up front to have root and a ROM with the Theme Chooser available. This means I’m leaving a few of you out if I only stick with Theme Chooser themes, and that’s not what I want at all. I find that when I see something graphically appealing to me, I want it done, and I’ll read up on what it takes to complete.

    There’s no point wasting any more time. When this developer has a project, he’s focused on the confines of the design rule. All of his icons are custom. He doesn’t compromise on that. This doesn’t allow him the convenience of throwing together an icon pack in an evening. Similar to BANX or Cardstock, for example, they are cut from the same cloth. These icons take time and are designed individually. He goes by arandompackage and I’m reviewing his “Flatcons” line. Let’s first review a couple of screenshots.

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