Flashing Droid 2 to Cricket

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2 Development' started by San Antone RR, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Hey all,

    New to Droid, kinda. Had original Iphone then went to 3G. Got a G1 and was disappointed with it, so I went back to Iphone. Now have a Droid 2 that i have been playing with off-network for a couple of weeks. I am going to make the move to it, but this one is unusable on the Verizon network. Bought NIB, but VZW says bad ESN.
    There are lots of people out there advertising full flash of these, but I have been doing jailbreaks and unlocks of Iphones forever and I want to play with this as well. I don't mind buying the apps to do it, just want to do it myself.
    Any guides to tutorials to flash? I have already rooted with Z4Root.

    Any help appreciated.


    ETA: Mods, I thought about putting this in the FAQ, but I thought it went better into Hacks. Move if necessary.
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