Flashed 2.2 SBF on Droid 2 Global & now constantly roaming

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    After flashing back via RSDLite 4.9 to 2.4.330.A956 for Droid 2 Global cannot manually activate phone
    Called *228 always fails
    Tried this:
    1. Dial and call: ##7764726
    2. Enter SPC password: 000000
    3. Select "User Activation"
    4. Change "MIN" to your match your previously activated phone's "MIN"
    • To Find "MIN"
      • Menu > Settings > About Phone > Status > MIN
    5. Change "MDN" to your mobile phone number
    6. Press "Done"
    7. Press home key (to return to homescreen)
    8. Device will automatically restart
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    Didn't work.
    Called Verizon & they say I'm connected to the network yet I can't make/receive calls/text/etc.

    That little triangle is daunting and evil.
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