Flaming Stops Now ! People will Start Getting 30 Days Bans for this starting now !!

Discussion in 'Android Roms' started by JimMariner, Apr 7, 2010.

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    All Right People, It Stops NOW ~~~


    No more going into Developers Section and talking about how your chosen ROM is better than what developer is offering!!!

    No Name Calling !!!!!

    No Saying He did this or He should do that !!!

    No More it was all about MONEY, EGO, Or Anything !!!!!!

    I will be informing my team here on DF to Start Issuing 30 Day vacations !!!!!

    We are not in a Sandbox, or Kindergarten.

    I Will Not allow People to Create Second Account Names so they Can Flame Incognito !!!

    I Will Out them Publicly !!!!

    I Don't care which team you support. This is being posted here,
    as well as all the other DEVs Forums on DF.
    It is not aimed at any one group.

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