fixing clockwork mod after 2.2.1 update

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    figured i'd post this in here in case anybody is suffering the same problems after flashing FRG83 or 2.2.1-source build

    -after flashing my D1 to FRG83, all my apps auto-restored from the market, but i could not get it to Reboot to Recovery in ClockworkMod. it would just bootloop once, then start up. i used ROM mgr to flash to SPRecovery mode, which worked, and then flashed back to CWM, and it indicated it had flashed, but same bootloop.

    -i tried uinstalling & reinstalling ROM mgr, with the same results.

    to get back to a working CWM, i did this (you'll need Astro or some other file mgr app):

    uninstall ROM Mgr
    open up sdcard/clockworkmod/
    delete the ".settings" file
    delete the "download" folder
    reinstall ROM Mgr
    allow su permissions
    flash clockworkmod recovery

    make sure you do a fresh backup :)
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