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    I absolutely love my phone, coming from a palm treo 700p, but like any new phone, once you start using it you realize things that it lacks for usability. Here's a quick list of things that need to change:

    0) Getting Started
    a. manual - how about shipping with a manual instead of having to view it in a pdf online?
    b. sync - better documentation on syncing with popular software. took me a good week to figure out how to migrate from plam desktop and sync to thunderbird and lightning, and I'm still not happy notes and tasks (and google calendar is not ideal).
    c. specs - documentation does not indicate if I can use a wired headset like you can with iphone, file system help (where to copy music, movies, documents, etc so they are picked up by the players and what formats the players understand), etc. I expected a book, not a pamphlet.
    d. preinstalled apps - I think notes, tasks, file manager, and task manager, should all be pre-installed.

    1) Text Messaging
    a. predefined responses - would be nice to just hit a button like the smiley button to send a predefined response.
    b. favorite list - would be nice to click the "to" field and start with a drop down of your "starred" contacts before you begin typing
    c. resend - would be nice to have a resend option instead of having to copy, paste and send.
    d. font size - please, let me change the font size, no way I can see the time stamp on a message and I'm sure some folks would like to zoom or set the default size of the conversation.
    e. distribution list - how great would it be to be able to create a grouping of contacts and send to all in that group with one click.
    f. mms - can't attach sound

    2) Contacts
    a. number type indicator - click and hold on a contact with multiple phone numbers and select the "Text Contact" option. You are presented with several phone numbers with absolutely no indication as to which number is which.
    b. ringtones - took a while ot realize that editing a contact does NOT allow you to set a personalized ringtone, that is in options for viewing. Makes no sense.
    c. typing - would be nice to have a place to press a key so I can go right to a letter or type "smi" to get to smith instead of scrolling, I have 1500+ contacts, pain to scroll to a specific spot.
    d. sort/find options - should be able to sort by first name or last name or type first initial then last name. I have a few hundred john's and would rather search by last name or first initial, last name (jsmith for example).
    e. categories/groups - give me some way to group my contacts (family, friends, coworkers, etc).
    f. Log operations - sort by incoming, missed, outgoing, name; delete or truncate logs.

    3) Phone
    a. screen lock - I really need a way to "lock" the screen when I am on the phone. My cheek sometimes hits the screen and hangs up or presses mute.
    b) easy on - need an easy way to wake up the screen when I am on the phone, perhaps just shake it, but pressing the power button is not working out well.
    c) modes - need to edit or create the silent and airplane modes. I want turn sound off, but still vibrate on alerts, messages and calls. I can't seem to get that working without going into settings. lowering volume to vibrate works for calls but not everything else. Need a one click solution. Maybe silent, vibrate, and airplane. But would be also nice to have predefined modes for sound levels and such (indoor, outdoor, office, meeting, airplane, etc).
    d. ignore with text - would be nice to ignore an incoming call and go right into a text message for the caller so you can respond with "in a meeting" and combined with predefined text messages this would be a quick response.

    4) Email
    a) gmail vs email - still no clue as to why these have to be separate apps.
    b) starred contacts - again would be nice to easly find a starred contact from within email or use jsmith or smith to find john smith.
    c) signatures - can we set signatures on these accounts?
    d) sort - can we sort too?
    e) security - can we lock mail separately from the phone? If someone wants to use my phone to make a call or play a game, I really don't want to give them access to read my mail. email and gmail need lock mechanisms so you cannot even launch them without unlocking them (can't see downloaded messages, can't send, can't read, etc.).

    5) Camera - even after the upgrade, 5MP of blur and low light handicap and missed shots, my very first camera phone took better pictures.

    6) Hard Keyboard - buttons are too flat and too small. I hit several at a time, even typing with a fingernail, and there is almost no way to be accurate at the top row, it's too close to the cover. I got the droid because of the hard keyboard and I can't use it at all. This is the biggest disappointment of the droid, a worthless keyboard. At least all of the other suggestions can be fixed through software. The keyboard means I have to get a new phone next year.

    7) Soft Keyboard
    a. voice - I installed a new keyboard that supports voice input, that should have been standard.
    b. cursor - need to add some way to move the cursor short of tapping becuase it's near impossible to hit it right where you want the cursor.
    c. text selection - need a way to click and drag, double tap works great to select a word, but click and drag is near impossible if not impossible.

    8) Voice Dialer
    a. does an ok job on calling a contact but i have yet to get it to call a particular number for a contact ("call john smith" calls his cell just fine but "call john smith at work" never works for me).
    b. more commands - "text john smith", "open pandora", "view john smith", "open notifications", etc.

    9) Desktop
    a. more screens - 3 is nice, but being able to add and delete screens as needed would be better.
    b. random access - more screens means you need a popup to pick a screen to jump to.
    c. animation - animated wallpaper, why not?
    note: i thought of more screens because due to the lack of groups I started adding shortcuts to contacts on my screens and then began adding folders and moving the contacts into them. very clunky and folders are not appealing and hard to sort through because the font is so small and does not contrast well.

    Well that's all for now, but most of these should be obvious to anyone who really uses this phone
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    0)a. agreed but no biggie
    b. simple 'google search' would've cut down that time to a matter of minutes
    c. isn't even an issue... common sense
    d. i agree

    1)a. personal preference
    b. there is a 'favorites' for contacts built in
    c. huh? user error here
    d. would like this as well but my eyes are fine luckily :)
    e. not native but Handcent will do this
    f. Handcent again

    2)a. user error... def tells you what number you're texting.
    b. 3rd party apps allow this (it's open development... apps are your friend)
    c. it does this already... user error
    d. so search by last name... not understanding your issue here.
    e. you're not alone on this one.... handcent does allow groups however
    f. they all have diff icons so it's easy to identify but the sort option would be nice

    3)a. does this automatically with proximity sensor... user error
    b. really? pull the phone away from your face it'll wake up... user error
    c. tons of apps and widgets for this...
    d. not having the 'ignore' is a gripe for many... the rest of your request should be pointed to a developer... it's your personal preference... not a lack of functionality

    4)a. not everyone uses g-mail... very simple idea
    b. user error
    c. yes, you can set a signature
    d. yes, you can sort by labels (ie inbox, sent, etc)
    e. been requested by a number of people... again this would be an app not native function as it's a personal preference.

    5) mixed bag on this... i for one have been on the side that has had great photo quality... others have not... you're not alone

    6) personal preference... lotta people love the keyboard.... others hate it... you had the chance not to buy the phone... you chose to buy it... this is mere ranting

    7)a. I didn't have to install anything to use voice...
    b. user error
    c. yes this function sucks... plain and simple

    8)a. mine works fine...
    b. maybe in time but not an issue

    9)a. home replacement apps do this... not stock... not really an issue since we have a variety to choose from.
    b. not a bad idea... personal preference again
    c. we all want it :).... maybe soon... animated widgets are possible and 2.1 may have animated wallpaper

    A lot of your 'fix' list items can be resolved with 3rd party apps... you have to realize this phone is Open Source so a lot of functions some people might want are not native to the OS but can be very simply rectified with an app. It's the nature of the beast and it's great because it gives us all the chance to 'personalize' our phones with the functions/options we want.
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