Fitness Friday: Eating

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    One of the biggest myths that have come out about people who are overweight is they eat too much. Sadly that myth have played into the psyche of many who are battling weight issues. More focus is put on eating less versus eating more quality meals. It is a tough myth to overcome and sadly affects many everyday. People get this fear of eating mainly because they do not understand that eating clean food throughout the day will boost their metabolism and further help with burning fat. It is one of the reasons why you will hear people say calories in itself do not matter. Here is an example of this argument; person a may consume 2000 calories of Mcdonalds, a hershey bar, and cereal (2 meals) where person b consume 2500 calories of lean protein, vegetable, and a couple of apples (6 meals). Because person a is eating foods loaded in sugar they are not getting as many meals while spiking their blood sugar where as person b is eating more meals over the span of their day keeping their metabolism high and as a result their body is burning fat throughout the day.
    Most of us eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and some of us only eat lunch and dinner skipping breakfast. But if you can find a way to space out 5-6 meals of lean protein, healthy fats, and veggies you will actually have more energy to get through the day versus the 3 meal format.
    So the goal this weak is to change the focus from not eating too much to eating 5-6 quality meals spaced out throughout the day.
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    True.. I eat more since my metabolism is higher, than I did at nearly a quarter ton..

    Small, nutrient and protein dense meals throughout the day is what works for me.

    Read the labels.. If it says low fat, run.. Diet... Run faster..

    A lot of people think they're eating healthy.. But the foods that say they're healthy are full of sugars and other chemicals that are no good for them.

    Wheat bread is a big one.. Its wheat right?? Nope.. Its sugar with unbleached flour..
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