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    I am literate in PC configuration more than average level but I am absolutely newbie to smart-phone interface and programming. I am Naturalized American as you can see and I have more than 4 languages in use. That’s why I’ve found and installed free international keyboard <<AnySoftKeyboard>> from my phone’s <<Market>>. Droid X OS system warned me when I installed the keyboard that it may pass all my IDs and passwords typed into the keyboard form to some of the external servers. I don’t use frequently other alphabets than Latin so I turn off the AnySoftKryboard when sign in to some accounts using preinstalled Latin keyboard of the Droid X. I hope it may protect me from any identity theft. Is it?
    One day I’ve received email to my Droid X phone in the gmail account associated with Droid. It was looking like ordinary fishing email talking that your account was suspended and you should go there to confirm your identity. There was no only hyperlink in the message which should lead you to the fake account page. I didn’t go to the account from my droid and came in from the computer. It was everything fine with my account as it was suspected and I went back to my gmail account from desk top. Mentioned email message received to Droid was absent in my gmail account accessed from computer.
    I could make several mistakes during all this process like deleting email going to the trash trying to find it later so it is everything not 100% checked out.
    Who knows something specific about such kind of self-security and self-protection on Droid X and some specificity related to android phone OS system (like keyboard issues)?
    Thank you in advance for replay. :)
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