first post, not sure where this goes - but maybe someone can help...

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    This is what I think would be perfect:

    [I use adw ex, i think its pretty sick. I use it with york black theme, 4d drawer. ROOTED of course]

    The only mods I would make really to this phone would be:

    1. cyanogen-esk notification bar widget (not like widgetsoid, like cyan or liquid or any of the good ones)
    2. and somehow port? the stock motoblur contacts widget so it could work with adw ex... that is a pretty cool little feature

    is this possible? or do I just have to wait for a rom. is there a tweak or "simple" mod to make these all play nice together?

    beyond this, ive been way happier with the bionic than I thought I was going to be. also, somehow, the battery (extended) almost seems to be getting better with time!!?? - anyone else noticing anything like this??

    one last thing. why didnt the lockscreen font change with all other system fonts?! this is the only system font not effected by root font change app. is there something I can do about that?

    anyway, help, insight... anything is welcome, thanks in advance.

    Well done to all the devs out there, you guys are sick at what you do, amazing!