First mobile Augmented Reality Special Magazine – Video

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    I hate when Android apps are demoed with an iPhone. I understand the iPhone is a big seller but it would be appreciated to make an Android demo as well. but, this is a really cool app, augmentened reality has been a big part of Android for the longest. There’s now a magazine you can buy and couple it with this app from Junaio and it comes to life.

    With this app and the magazine, you can find a few cool hiding things in the magazine. First off, you can see who’s behind the hands on the cover. When you go deeper in the magazine you can revel what’s being said in the “don’t say a word” section and even the answers to the crossword puzzle. If you have access to the no. 33 issue of Sueddeutsche Zeitung and the Junaio Android app, try this out, it’s pretty cool.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The world's first mobile Augmented Reality Special Magazine Edition[/ame]


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