Firelords HD [Bomberman,Dynablaster like game]

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    Hi friends,

    Our newest creation for Android tablets and mobiles, arcade game called “FireLords“.

    - gameplay is explosive (literally ;)), inspired by Bomberman/Dynablaster series
    - we put big effort to implement easy to use and precise ways to control the game (combination of tilt and touchscreen or on-screen joystick) which is usually the most painful problem of these kind of games (we hope not ours :))
    - graphics is done in HD resolution optimized for tablets, the game is also playable on smaller screens of course
    - there are 4 different graphics themes with more than 40 levels in total (including 5 secret ones), each graphic theme has some new gameplay feature (destroyable ground over lava, exploding radioactive barrels etc.)
    - the game uses industry approved Unity engine which should guarantee stability and performance even on older devices
    - for limited time only (3-4 weeks) we put lower price for the game (1,99 USD)

    More features and screenshots can be found on our dedicated webpage:
    FireLords HD | Playito

    Or directly in Google Play Store:

    Where you can find also short (1:30 min) gameplay video:

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