Finishing Touch on my Droid.

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by Pikeness, Aug 17, 2010.

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    So, I've had the Droid since release. I love it in every way shape and form.

    Here are some pics of what I've added since then.


    Benchmark score when I first loaded SS4.6+Chevy's1.2Ulv Kernel, NO tweaks, just booted and ran Quad.



    IN the last picture, I would like to know how I could change that Home/Menu Icon. I've seen some really nice ones, like the Droid head(which I'd really love to get)

    Secondly, I was noticing that I use Mabilo Ringtones to get custom Ringtone/Notification tones, and since I've added SS4.6, I can only use the standard droid tones. Is there any possible way to fix this?

    Sorry for the images, but I thought it would help determine which programs I could and couldn't use. I also have superuser permission and the likes on the phone.

    Any help would be appreciated!