Finally rooted my D2

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    I always wondered about rooting my D2 and have read some on what it does. After this last OTA GB update, my battery life has been shortened a lot. So, I decided to root and maybe increase my battery life by removing some bloat. I searched and found an easy way at DroidLife;

    How to: Root the DROID2, DROIDX2, DROIDX, and DROID3 Running Gingerbread - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

    Going to Pete's website, it shows a little more and easy to understand;

    Pete's Motorola Root Tools

    Took the plunge and rooted yesterday morning. Took only about 10 minutes and all went smoothly. After I seen I had root, I downloaded Titanium Backup, going with the Pro version. That way I can "freeze" apps without removing them so as not to screw up my cell. Still trying to see what I can block and increase battery life, not much change yet. Need to take some time and change a few things at a time and see what happens. Have already screwed up my contact list and my Handscent is not showing names. But that is for another thread,lol.
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