Finally Got The Droid...

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by ZX-10R, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Been debating for a long time and yesterday i did it...
    Im a total newb to the smartphone/android phones so i dont understand some terms used yet.. I know seach is my friend but we all know it search aint perfect..

    So far the phone is faster than my desktop:icon_eek: (8yrs old but runs perfectly fine) would like to get into the overclocking but im gonna wait a few months before getting that far into the phone.. Also is the flash player update avail. yet?

    Now its time for some reading...

    I already have; swype, Task killer, handcent Sms,Pandora, weather bug.. will get more as learn the phone more and figure out what some apps do and dont.. Not ready to purchase any apps yet, but i do like the Beautiful Widgets app..

    Now im ready to start changing the wallpaper/theme, add some ringtones ... Is there a section that shows newbs how to download these themes/wallpaper?