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    So I have been waiting a long time to get a personal makes me carry a 3G iPhone around, but it isn't all that...a good user community and app availability, but it doesn't compare to the Android

    Never had even looked at these forums, but once I picked up a Droid 2 this weekend, I realized what was there, and within about 24 hours had it rooted and a suite of great apps loaded, including hacked wifi tether (waiting for WPA), screenshot and titanium backup

    I have a long background in IT (early in my career development and engineering, and lots of network design and platform architecture), so I felt very comfortable and dove right in.

    I have read a bit in the forum, and look forward to working with this great tool and enjoying the process - thanks to all of you who have clearly contributed immensely to the Droid dev community - we lowly users reap huge benefits!
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    God forsaken desert, wishing to be back in Dixie
    :welcome:to the forums. I am sure you will be able to find the answers to any of your questions here. We have several sections based on what kind of question, app, theme or rom you are looking for. So sit back, kick you feet up and start to browse.