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Discussion in 'Bugless' started by curtdragon, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Since I have been using custom ROMs I have used Pete's the most, from when he had Beautiful beast and Bugless beast. I have tried others and have always came back to Pete.

    However 1.4 was giving me some problems so I went with Cyanogenmod.
    The rom was good but I missed Bugless so I was waiting for .5 to come out.
    Now that I am back on Bugless I can say it's great.

    I only have one request and that is int he stock mail app. With Cyanogenmod they had a hack in the stock Mail app (not Gmail) that allows you to select individual folders on an Exchange account that you want to be sync'd. With out htis option if you have email that is filed in a folder with rules on Exchange you wont be notified that you have a new message int hat folder. BB .5 doesnt have it and neither does stock.

    I was wondering if someone how this can be done or maybe there already is an app to do this
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