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    We could use a Favorites App that uses the folder tree.

    For now.......

    I would like to use a file manager app like ASTRO to create a folder on my sdcard.
    Then import my firefox Favorites into it.
    Make a shortcut to the folder.
    Then be able to open it, browse the sub folders to the url and select it and it open the browser and go.

    So I go to my ASTRO app and create a folder called bookmarks and slap one of my firefox bookmarks into it.
    No good.
    So I look into the ASTRO extension manager and there is no url extension in the list and this is where I'm lost.
    I create one and try listing it as several different types and subtypes but no go.
    When I go to the folder in Astro and select the url is brings up a window with is properties or code so to speak. Its the best I can do.

    I downloaded an app for favorites to my Droid and it sucked because it did not use folders. Just a huge single list of links. I uninstalled it.
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