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Discussion in 'Samsung Fascinate' started by newmanx4, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Rant on.

    My wife bought a Fascinate back in April. This phone has been nothing but trouble. Constantly freezing to the point of numerous battery pulls daily, text messaging all jacked up with sending and receiving duplicate messages, time stamps in text messages constantly wrong, pitiful battery life, and the alarm clock bug that came with the last update. This morning she had an alarm set for 5:30 AM. When the alarm went off, it was showing 5:30 AM on her phone, but the actual time was 6:30 AM. Her phone had rolled back an hour during the night! DST doesn't end til next weekend. When I adjusted the time back in the settings menu, it rolled right back an hour within two minutes. Did a battery pull, wiped cache partition, reset time again, and still goes back an hour. I've done two factory resets on her phone in the past, but I refuse to do it again as it shouldn't be necessary on a "smart" phone to have to wipe it clean to make it function properly. Going to the Verizon store today and demanding a warranty replacement.

    Rant off.
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    It really sucks when a product you purchase doesn't work correctly. I've been lucky with my phone for the most part. I've had the phone for over a year and haven't had a big problem until recently. GPS has always been an issue but it's not working at all now. Tried everything and still doesn't work. I really liked everything about this phone, the size, look, and feel compared to other phones but I'll be looking forward to my next phone but that's many months away.
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