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    I just recently purchased a Fascinate from eBay to replace an old phone I had. All of a sudden I'm having issues. I have a couple of questions. I think the phone may have be rooted before. ?

    1. Will any Samsung AC charger work or does the Fascinate have a certain charger.
    We are having a problem with it charging. We are using a charger from a Droid1 that i had. Sometimes it only takes 15 min to charge and the battery was does to maybe 20% then it will be at 100% and 5 min later it will b does to 50. I have tried totally draining the battery.

    2. The reason I think it may have been routed is a few times after rebooting it comes up to the screen that gives the option to install zip from sd, reboot etc.

    I'm thinking
    1 I need a Samsung Fascinate charger
    2 new battery
    3 root the phone again

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance
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